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Important Information
Effective 1 November 2013 DriveRight is no longer accepting new Mechanical Breakdown (Warranty), GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) or PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) business. Policies in place prior to this date will continue until their documented conclusion. For any queries please call 0800 374 448 (8:30am - 5:00pm weekdays).

DriveRight plans ensure you are all covered

Extended Warranty Insurance

Who will be there to help with the repair bills if your car breaks down? Who will be there to provide you practical roadside assistance wherever you are 24/7?


GAP Insurance

What help can you get if your car is damaged beyond repair and your comprehensive insurance payout doesn't cover the remaining financing cost?


Payment Protection Insurance

Who will cover what you owe your finance company on your vehicle if your income is suddenly impacted by a change in your ability to earn?